New Brief August 2014
Doug Wilson

We’re Going to Pennsylvania!
I thought that when we eventually went out of state it would be Nevada or Arizona, but Wexford Pennsylvania? Wow, but this is so very exciting and I trust that it will be a blessing to many. The start date for the Wexford Chapter is Wednesday, August 27, and there is already 15 people registered. The president of the chapter will be Alex Giannetti, who is a former president of our Chino Hills Chapter. Alex is wonderful man of God, and with him at the helm I know that this chapter will be a success. 
Chino Hills Crowd Control
Too many people at a meeting can be a good problem/challenge but it is still a challenge. Miguel Mendoza reported that the chapter had 60 in attendance yesterday which is far more than what we can manage at one chapter. To help remedy the challenge we are starting a new chapter, Chino Hills #2, which will meet in the same location but on Tuesdays starting next month. The start of the Chino Hill #2 Chapter had been delayed but it will start next month for sure. In addition, visitors or potential new members are encouraged to attend the new Diamond Bar Chapter or Chino Chapter, both of which are not far away and very healthy. However, for the sake of the dining establishment that we meet at, and the leadership of the chapter, new membership for the Chino Hills #1 Chapter will be discontinued for a season.
Diamond Bar Just Started
Our latest chapter to start is Diamond Bar. We had a great first meeting last month with about thirty in attendance. The chapter has a lot of energy and most importantly it has God. CBP is about many things but we still gather together in the name of Jesus and we want Him to be with us. Chapter officers include: Gel Delos Santos (President), Lyle Ballard (Vice President), Gabriel Hill (Secretary), and Lueroyce Conrad (Treasurer).
Our OC Chapter is Grown Up
Our first Orange County Chapter that meets in Mission Viejo is officially not a new chapter as of this month. They have a strong leadership team and are consistently growing in attendance each week. To KJ, Dan, Jessica, Diana and all the previous leadership, you are a blessing!
The Yucaipa Chapter is Turning Six
The Yucaipa chapter started in August of 2008 at Good Shepherd Lutheran church with Willie Martin as its first chapter president. The Yucaipa chapter has gone through many changes since that time, but is still very strong and a great blessing to many. Present Yucaipa leadership: Don Culotta (President), Randy Harris (Vice President), Kathi Barnes (Secretary), and Judy Woolsey (Treasurer).
San Diego in the Works
San Diego is not only a great place to vacation, it is also a great place to have new CBP chapter. Even though all the details have not been worked out yet, I still wanted to include registration for this chapter in this publication. The chapter will meet from 7:00 to 8:00 AM on Tuesdays at The Broken Yolk Café in Pacific Beach. Leadership include: Dr. Collan Koeppen, Dr. Erika Eckman, and Tristan Younghaus. 
Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!


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